Our Staff

Our dedicated team is built from like-minded, determined and care-focused individuals who display a rare commitment to providing an outstanding service to vulnerable children and young people.

We have successfully developed our services to become a Trauma Informed Therapeutic Fostering Agency, which delivers a service for children and young people who have suffered early childhood trauma, and frequently this stems from pre-birth.  Our agency staff have developed and now deliver, a Model that helps children who would otherwise be either in residential care or moving around the care system.

We are a Continuous Learning Organisation. Our team members have a range of relevant qualifications and skills and we firmly believe in encouraging ongoing support, training, and development to enrich the ‘’Team around the Child’ and encouraging all members of the NEWFOCAS team to learn and develop their skills to help children.

Our Management team have qualification such are Degrees in Social Work; Computers and Business Studies; NVQ 4’s; Foundation Degrees in Therapeutic Child Care; Level 5 Management; Coaching and Mentoring qualifications. We also have a fully qualified accountant who is our Executive Finance Director.

Our Social work team consists of experienced Social Workers, Therapeutic Social Workers, dedicated Out of Hours Social Workers, plus Student Social Workers who are undertaking the Social work degree whilst working as Assistants within the Social work teams.   Every team member has an individual learning plan and will be extending their knowledge base through this.

Our Admin team work closely with the Social Work team. They are very experienced and all hold NVQ 3 whist our Senior Administrator holds an NVQ 4. The co-operative working model means that administrators offer a very supportive service to the whole team operation. Individual learning plans mean that workers can expand on skills to contribute to the agency progression, in areas such as marketing and finance.

Become a carer today and make a difference.

You may have fostered before; alternatively you may have been thinking about becoming a foster carer for the first time. Either way, we give an excellent package of support and allowances to help you every step of the way. If you think you could foster with us, then please get in touch. Complete and submit the form to voice your interest and more information on becoming a carer.

Alternatively, if you hate the idea of filling out a form, we're more than happy to take your call. Pick up the phone and call us on 01244 550300. Our dedicated team is on hand to help you out with anything you maybe unsure of.