Become a Carer

Where do I start?

To become a successful NEWFOCAS carer we ask that, in addition to the different requirements listed below, you genuinely LIKE children and young people of all ages, are comfortable in their company, and can communicate effectively with them.

Full time carers

As a full-time carer you will look after up to three children in your own home and treat them as part of your family.

Full training will be given, so you do not need previous experience as a carer.  You will benefit from constant and 'around the clock' support, advice, and assistance. You need at least one spare bedroom, the full agreement and support of your family, and you must have some experience of caring for, and interacting with, children of all ages. Experience of managing challenge and challenging situations is also advisable, as is the need to understand why children and young people behave in specific manners.

Respite Carers

Respite Care is short term Fostering, where a foster child goes for weekend breaks or longer periods of Respite.  A Respite Carer is matched with  a foster child and full time foster parents to become part of the child’s life, as an extended family member.

You need at least one spare bedroom, and the full agreement and support of your family. Respite placements are normally arranged in advance; however, emergency situations do occasionally arise. Respite carers offer a crucial service by preventing the breakdown of a placement in crisis, we therefore ask that you are able to be as flexible as possible.

Sessional carers

All NEWFOCAS full-time and respite carers are supported by sessional carers.

Sessional carers do not look after children and young people in their own homes. Instead they undertake crucial support work within foster homes or the local community by encouraging children and young people to socialize with their family and peers through sports and activities. They also provide vital and infinite support to full-time and respite carers by assisting them to cope in crisis and emergency situations, and offering work place, school, or college assistance.

Get involved and change somebodys life

If you're emotionally resilient, can listen to a child with empathy and kindness, are willing to learn new skills relating to child-care in order to meet a child’s specific needs, we would like to meet you. We're now the preferred option for many local authority child care services. Unlike larger fostering agencies, we know all of our carers and their placements on a personal and individual basis.

Become a carer today and make a difference.

You may have fostered before; alternatively you may have been thinking about becoming a foster carer for the first time. Either way, we give an excellent package of support and allowances to help you every step of the way. If you think you could foster with us, then please get in touch. Complete and submit the form to voice your interest and more information on becoming a carer.

Alternatively, if you hate the idea of filling out a form, we're more than happy to take your call. Pick up the phone and call us on 01244 550300. Our dedicated team is on hand to help you out with anything you maybe unsure of.