Mission Statement

NEWFOCAS is a leading Trauma Informed Therapeutic Foster Care agency covering the UK.

NEWFOCAS specialises in offering highly skilled and focussed family based foster placements for children who have suffered significant developmental damage due to pre-natal shock and childhood trauma, with resultant challenging behaviour and complex needs.

NEWFOCAS uses a specific 5 phase model of recovery. Progress and outcomes are measured regularly through review and report. The integrated Team around the Child comprises; full time, respite and sessional carers; therapeutic & supervisory social workers, who have access to supervision from an Independent Consultant in Child Care. They are assisted by committed Social work assistants, a fully trauma informed admin team and experienced out of hours social workers who offer 24/7 support and advice to carers. Our company’s approach is informed by management consultation with clinical psychologists and all social work staff attend a weekly meeting where the progress of each child is discussed.

NEWFOCAS offers a limited number of fixed-term assessment and preventive placements, where an unborn or new born baby is deemed to be at risk, and when a comprehensive assessment is required, often court ordered. This is for situations where ongoing care and observation is needed. In some cases an ongoing support and training package would be appropriate. This service is by negotiation with the relevant Local Authority.

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You may have fostered before; alternatively you may have been thinking about becoming a foster carer for the first time. Either way, we give an excellent package of support and allowances to help you every step of the way. If you think you could foster with us, then please get in touch. Complete and submit the form to voice your interest and more information on becoming a carer.

Alternatively, if you hate the idea of filling out a form, we're more than happy to take your call. Pick up the phone and call us on 01244 550300. Our dedicated team is on hand to help you out with anything you maybe unsure of.