Placement Vacancy for a female, age between the age of 7 and 14 years in Flintshire North Wales

In addition to the excellent support, training, and benefits associated with NEWFOCAS, you will enjoy career development within a highly respected and nationally recognised foster care agency. Furthermore, we have successfully gained the 'Investors in People' award as recognition of our high level of good practice, and pride ourselves on creating a happy, enjoyable, and productive work environment.

  • Placement Vacancy for a female, age between the age of 7 and 14 years in Flintshire North Wales
    Flintshire, North Wales

    K&T have been approved foster carers since 2012.   They live in a modern three bed roomed terrace house situated in a  small rural village.

    T presents with sensitivity and offers a warm, nurturing approach. This is tempered with firm, fair and consistent boundaries that provide the children in her care with a sense of security. K is adept at meeting the children and young people ‘where they are at’ and is able to present as firm but with a strong sense of fun. K&T are a warm, friendly, family orientated couple, who genuinely care for the welfare of children and young people.  T is a qualified teacher who works most weekdays privately tutoring on a sessional basis, she also works voluntarily with helping refugees learn English language skills. K supports a young man who has autism for 1 x 3 hr sessions a week. As a team they work very well together. K particularly enjoys the opportunity of teaching a child to acquire new skills such as swimming and other physical activities.

    Any child fostered within this household will be treated with patience and understanding. They will experience nurturing and will be helped, if needs be, to progress their educational achievement through T’s knowledge and skill in this field. Both K&T believe that children can learn through a variety of means, with K’s keenness of sporting activities and cooking as opportunities for achievement and communication. T loves craft, reading with and to children. Both K&T are deeply aware of the need to provide security, safety and consistency.

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